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 Ständiges einrundiges 7er Turnier für RS-Elo ab 2450 

Für Spieler mit einer ELO-Zahl ab 2450
Begin of Tournament:The tournament starts automatically, as soon as 7 players signed on.
Turnierleiter:Tony Ruprich (trx)
Reflection time limit:• 30 Tage für 10 Züge
• Mit Ansparen der Restbedenkzeit bis maximal 40 Tage
• Reflection time exceeds of 1 or more days will be claimed autoatically.
• Erinnern wenn 10th Tage ohne Zug
• Warnen wenn 20th Tage ohne Zug
• Beenden wenn 30th Tage ohne Zug
Mehr Infos
Jeder Spieler darf ab Partiestart 330 Tage, unabhängig von jeglichem Urlaub, am Zug sein.
Die Partien sind also nach spätestens 660 Tagen beendet.
Playing mode:
• 7 Spieler
• random drawing
• single rounded
Tournament rules:remoteSchach
tournament vacation:Common vacation contingent. (60 days per calendar year and player)
Participation fee:Free for remoteChess full members; all others need pay one tournament license.
Players strength:RS-Elo grösser als 2450
Titelanforderungen:no limits
Valuation:Games will affect the players RS-Elo.
Registration:Right here on the website. Simply log in with your remoteSchach user name and pass word and click "Join" here on the invitation page. For full members of remoteSchach it's free!

If you're not a remoteSchach full member, you have to buy a tournament license for 2,50€. Pay to: Our bank connection
By paying the 2,50€ you recieve the authorisation to take part on a common remoteSchach tournament, as long as it is not shown different. It's possible to pay for more than one tournament at one time. More Infos, e.g. how to pay with PayPal, click here.

Anmeldungen sind jederzeit möglich. After begin of tournament, a new invitation is created automatically.

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Ex-wanaka2460239614.06.2024 um 07:23 Uhr

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