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Install instructions
Installation instructions for remoteSchach

These instructions will help you, to successfully get started with remoteSchach.

The following steps you have to go, and will be described in detail below:

1. Create a remoteSchach user account on the Website
2. Log in and download the client-installation-program
3. Run the Installation
4. Start the remoteSchach-Client

Let's go - it's not that hard it may looks like

Step 1: Create a remoteSchach user account on the Website

To be able to play chess with remoteSchach, you have to register with a nickname and a password (which you choose on your own). Furthermore you will be asked for your full name and your Email address.

Open your web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) and type the address:
and press enter. You are now on the homepage of remoteSchach.

There is a frame named "Benutzerbereich" in the middle of the left Menu. On the bottom of this frame is a link called "Noch nicht registiert?" (means: not registered yet?). Click on this link and you will see the Remoteschach registration page.

As an alternative you can directly go to with your browser.

After filling out the necessary details, click on the "Jetzt anmelden" (means: register now) button.

The remoteSchach-Server sends you an email containing a registration-code and a link to the final-registration website. This procedure is neccessary for checking if the email-address is valid.

On the final registration website you enter your nick name and the code submitted with the email. Then click "Jetzt freischalten" (means: finish registration).

Now you’re an official remoteSchach user and can start to play chess via remoteSchach-Website. But you rather want to play via the client program instead? Go on following the next Steps.

Step 2: Log in and download the client-installation-program

With your newly registered nickname and your password you can login on the web site.

Now click the "Download" link and on the now appearing page click ">> >> remoteSchach Installationsprogramm herunter laden << <<". (You will find this in the top part of the text frame under Aktuelle Clientversion...)

In the now appearing window activate the Button "Speichern". (Save)
You will now be asked for a folder where you want to save the remoteSchach installation program ("Datei speichern unter"). Choose a folder you remember or create one and then press "Speichern".

Step 3: Run the Installation

When the download is completed, close your Internet explorer and all other active programmes (in some cases it was necessary to quit firewall or even anti-virus programs you may have running in the background as well).

Open your file manager and choose the folder you saved the file to. On the right hand side you will see the file, that you just have downloaded (e.g. remoteschach0e.exe") The Icon for this file is a Knight. A double left click on this Icon starts the Set-up procedure. Follow the instructions and confirm these with "weiter" (further) until the installation is complete.

Please accept the recommended address for the new programme (C:\Programme... or C:\Program Files...), as this will simplify future updates.

Step 4: Start the remoteSchach-Client

After the installation procedure has completed, you can start the remoteSchach client from your start menu.

The first time you start it, you will be asked for your Nickname, password, email-address and so on again. (In future versions it will ask you for your nick and your password only). Please re-enter the same nick, the same password and the same email-address you entered when you registered your nick, or the remoteschach server will refuse your connection and the client won't run.

If you successfully entered your data, you will be connected to remoteSchach, or you have to click the "Verbinden" (means Connect) button.

Thats all.
If you still have problems on installing or registering, please use the Feedback-formular on the Website. Please don't forget to tell your email-address or we won't be able to answer your request.

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